Profilo Artista

De Marco
Hy everybody , ) I was born in Turin, the last millennium in 1969 From the beginning I realized that few things could really affect my life, and one of them was a pencil! It's easy to think of teenage education and art studies first and architectural studies later. I specialize in the field of communication, starting my adventure in DWA as a visualizer. and then come to IDEAWORK as a creative and designer. I began my independent career around 1997, following those who were the immediately perceived imprints, i.e. illustration and creativity. In those days I know my great point of reference and artistic mentor, at that time also a work companion, now more than a friend: Italo There are many interesting, intense years with many professional collaborations also outside Europe; solid working relationships are established with companies and agencies such as Testa, Bgs, Inadv and Robilant. where I provide projects and realizations for international clients (Unicredit, BirraMoretti, Torino FC, Sammontana and Ferrero to name a few) who, however, over the years, are once again tempted by the primordial roads of pure art. Many people, from the sector and not, know what can happen leaving me "carte blanche". but now, because of the increased awareness and despite an immense background, I need to "undress" of the contamination acquired over the decades to make room for the rawest ancestral interiority, atavistic and bare. So I open more channels! This is my new frontier, my new challenge a heartfelt thanks to Monica, Greta and Giorgio, the music, the bike, the colors... Christian De Marco